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The awesomeness of Astronomy.FM

I finally found time to test the updated version of Marzipan, but I can't get it to work yet. So, having rolled back to the old version, here's what I was going to post anyway:

Occasionally you come across something that just makes you stop and say "wow, that is a really neat idea". Not much on the internet gets that reaction out of me, but occasionally I'm surprised. One such gem is Astronomy.FM, an online radio station mainly devoted to astronomy but with plenty of other juicy bits of science thrown in for good measure.

Astronomy.FM, full of sciency goodness
Astronomy.FM, full of sciency goodness CREDIT: Astronomy.FM

Much of the content is made up of various astronomy and science podcasts such as the 365 Days of Astronomy, Naked Science, Slacker Astronomy, the Jodcast, and so on, but there are a number of original programmes as well, usually transmitted live and then replayed later the same day for listeners in other time zones. The schedule is currently arranged in four-hour programme blocks which repeat throughout the day.

I first came across AFM during 2009 when I took part in a live on-air discussion with Adrian West, Elias Jordan and Michael Foerster during #moonwatch. I'm pretty sure I'd heard about it before that, but it's the first time I had any actual involvement. Earlier this year Michael asked if the Jodcast could be included in their schedule, and it has been airing weekly on AFM for a few months now. In May I was a guest on Event Horizon, one of AFM's original shows broadcast live at 0200 GMT on Saturdays, and have popped up in the chat room regularly ever since. There's even talk of having a live show from down under, but that's a story for another day.

Anyway, there's heaps of interesting content and some entertaining hosts. It's all run by volunteers, and some of them put in a seriously amazing amount of their own time and effort to keep it running. So, next time it's a cloudy night and you've run out of Patrick Moore books to read, give it a try.

Posted by Megan on Wednesday 16th Jun 2010 (11:50 UTC) | 2 Comments | Permalink

Comments: The awesomeness of Astronomy.FM

Wow! Thanks for your kind words, Megan! And thanks for being our guest on AFM*Radio from time to time; it's always a pleasure when you visit one of our shows.

Posted by Michael Foerster on Wednesday 16th Jun 2010 (13:14 UTC)

No problem, Michael! It's always fun joining in, so any time.

Posted by Megan on Wednesday 16th Jun 2010 (14:07 UTC)

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