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On the breakaway CREDIT: Megan
Occasionally I've had letters or comments printed in astronomy magazines, and I still write for Macc Astro's journal when I get the time, but I was really pleased to see one of my photographs in print this week. It's odd, seeing your stuff printed, but it's pretty awesome that someone thinks it's worth using (even nicer when they ask you first though...). The photo in question (on the left) was taken up at Boolardy on the Ilgarijiri trip and has been used as the header image for an article on the project in State of the Future magazine, published by the Government of Western Australia's Department of Commerce.

Actually, it seems that some of my photos have been doing the rounds recently. They've apparently also shown up in an article in SCIOS (the journal of the Science Teachers Association of Western Australia) as well, although I'm not a member so, frustratingly, I don't actually have a copy. One of my photos was used as the background for the Ilgarijiri exhibition invitations, and was printed out and hung on the wall in the gallery alongside the panel describing the exhibition. Faculty PR have asked for copies of photos I took of the art in the gallery for use in their press releases and promotion when the exhibition comes to Perth later in the year, and the digital media unit are using a whole bunch of them as well. It's always nice when things you do are appreciated! I wonder where else they will show up...

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