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Ilgarijiri and Boolardy

Some photos from the last trip to Boolardy to talk to the MSOTA kids. The first lot are from the Ilgarijiri exhibition currently in Geraldton - art that was inspired by a previous trip to Mullewa and Boolardy with a group of indigenous artists. There were almost sixty pieces in the exhibition, with more on display in a local cafe on the sea front. There is a mixture of traditional and modern techniques, and some pretty impressive pieces. The exhibition runs until September when it moves to the new Chemistry precint at Curtin Uni in Perth.

Ilgarijiri exhibitionIlgarijiri exhibitionIlgarijiri exhibitionIlgarijiri exhibition
Various views of the Ilgarijiri ("things belonging to the sky") exhibition in Geraldton CREDIT: Megan / Yamatji Arts

While we were there, Tim and I had a quick run up to the MWA/ASKAP site while waiting for the Sun to set. The goats don't seem to mind the alien-like MWA tiles littered around on the ground, but they didn't seem too happy about a couple of monkeys wandering around the place.

Lunch at TalleringAn MWA tileGoats on the breakaway
Left to right: Lunch at Tallering station, an MWA tile at Boolardy, goats on the breakaway CREDIT: Megan

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