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The Cat Empire

Last night I went to see The Cat Empire in Freo. I first came across these guys a few years ago when one of the students at Jodrell introduced the entire MSc room contingent to their music, but this was the first opportunity I've had to see them live, and it was definitely worth it. Their support act was very good, too: Paprika Balkanicus, a group of musicians who play music from the Balkans and eastern Europe and are very entertaining.

The Cat EmpireThe Cat EmpireThe Cat Empire
The Cat Empire, Fremantle, March 5th 2009. Left: the band on stage. Centre: Felix Riebl. Right: crazy fans. CREDIT: Megan
The Cat Empire
The Cat Empire, Fremantle, March 5th 2009. Felix having fun! CREDIT: Megan
The Empire do have some mad fans: one couple turned up wearing cat suits! No, not skin-tight leather, but full Sylvester costumes! Everyone seemed to be having a great time and there was a very friendly atmosphere, everyone jumping around like mad to most of the songs (they're all brilliant, and yes, even I was jumping around). Everyone on stage looked to be thoroughly enjoying themselves too, especially when Paprika Balkanicus came back on to do a couple of songs - 13 people on stage at the same time! Brilliant.

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