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So, a while back I posted on the DIUS consultation "A vision for science and society". It seems they noticed as they linked to my post. I wasn't the only one either, they even commented on Angela Saini's post where she complained about all the widgets and other clutter on the campaign's page (I have to admit, I agree with Angela - it was very cluttered, and the widgets didn't even work properly).

So what did they do with all the responses? Well, there's a report of course, along with a list of all the people and organisations who responded (I'm in there, along with several other astronomers), but if that's a bit long for your tastes, then they produced some wordles as well. Here's one of them, see if you can guess which question it's from...

DIUS wordle from the Vision for Science and Society consultation
DIUS wordle from the Vision for Science and Society consultation CREDIT: DIUS

It's actually from the answers to question 3: "How can scientists further improve and professionalise engagement with the public?" If you're interested, there's more analysis over at the consultation's pages.

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