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The Moon

Experiments with my new toy - a Fuji Finepix S1000. I got home this evening to see the Moon rising over the building opposite, so I thought I'd get out the tripod, have a play with the settings in manual mode and see just what it is capable of.

Evening skyEvening skyEvening sky
Evening sky with the new camera. Left: no zoom. Centre: maximum optical zoom. Right: maximum digital zoom. These pictures have been shrunk quite a bit so that they don't make the page take ages to load on slow connections. CREDIT: Megan
OK, so the focus isn't quite right, that's my fault, not the camera's. The second two pictures were taken a bit later than the first one to see how good the contrast is. I have to say, I'm impressed. I've been using my Grandad's old film SLR for years and I love it. This isn't a replacement for the SLR, but it's heaps better than my knackered old compact camera that I've been using since the summer of 2003! One day I'll give in and get a digital SLR, but not just yet.

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