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A Cosmic smiley

Cosmic smiley
Cosmic smiley: Venus, Jupiter and the Moon (December 1st 2008) CREDIT: Megan
Last night was a District meeting at Lynwood. After the meeting finished, I dragged everyone outside to look at a very strange sight: a smiley face in the sky! Although I didn't see the news yesterday, apparently it was on the ABC in the evening, so lots of people did go outside to have a look. I only had my old digital camera with me, but I tried to take a photo anyway. An hour later when we left the hall, Jupiter had moved a bit and the face looked quite lopsided!

It was far more successful than the observing I was going to do last weekend. We took our Scouts camping again and Womble brought along his telescope, I took my binoculars. Friday night was really clear, so we got out the telescope and looked at a few things, Orion was rising over the trees (he's standing on his head down here, that always makes me laugh) and the Pleiades wasn't far behind. To the South we had a good view of the Magellanic clouds. On Saturday I'd invited a group of Cubs who were camping up the track to come over and look at some stars with us. We made the mistake of having a campfire though (last one before the fire ban kicks in this week). It was a good campfire, the patrols came up with some very funny stunts and we sang a lot of songs, but I led the rain song again and within half an hour it was starting to spit! Of course I'm now blamed for this, and everyone who was camping up there that night now thinks it was my fault! I don't know, summoning the rain is a pretty useless thing for an astronomer to be able to do...

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