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Lots of outreach....

So, I've now done the leader training that you have to do in order to get your warrant and become a proper Scout leader. Part of this involved two weekends camping with the other trainees in patrols, just as if we were Scouts (complete with early morning inspections). It was really good fun and I met a lot of people who are just as crazy as I am. We saw the lunar eclipse as well, and I taught the trainers a new way to find South (failed in my attempts to show them the Teapot though...). We put up tents, made gadgets, cooked on open fires, failed to get any hot water at all, learned a load of new daft campfire songs... it was great.

Through Scouts, I've been getting requests for astronomy evenings at various troops around the district, the first of which is next week. Eventually I'm going to put together some resources for each section so that leaders with no knowledge can do something astronomy-related fairly easily.

I've also had a call from someone on the team for the Venturer's jamboree next year, asking if I'll go down and run some astronomy things in the evenings. Fantastic! When I told the boss about it and asked if I could borrow one of the department's telescopes, he was quite happy, which is brilliant. I can't wait!

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