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After three weeks of looking and goodness knows how many applications, I've finally been offered somewhere to rent. It's a small flat in South Perth, close to the city (fifteen minutes by bike over the bridge or ten minutes on the ferry) and the zoo, and about half an hour's cycle from the University. I signed the lease yesterday and pick up the keys on the 21st, then go looking for cheap furniture again! I'm getting good at that now...

I've been climbing for the first time in a month as well. On Tuesday I headed up to The Hangout to meet some people from the climbing club. There are quite a few routes there, but it's a bit different to the walls I'm used to. For a start, all the ropes are fixed to the floor (which is an advantage when you're belaying a heavy climber!). They also all have belay devices attached and ready-made loops to attach the climber, so all you have to have is a karabiner. Most of the walls are short, but a lot of them have overhangs so, even though I didn't climb anything very high, my muscles complained about it the next day!

At work I've been getting on with old projects in between sorting out somewhere to live. I've installed AIPS and, as well as getting on with supernova observations, I'm also trying to run some simulations which are giving my new computer a good test!

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