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Now I've seen it all...

Jodrell Bank is up for sale on eBay, not once, but twice. This whole situation is getting very depressing, not just the fact that Jodrell is under threat, really this is only a very small part of a much wider problem which just isn't going to go away. There have been comments that it's all a political stunt to try and get more money out of the government - put well known and high profile experiments on the list of threatened projects, wait for the media to get hold of it and stir up public opinion to the extent that pressure is put on the politicians to increase funding. I very much doubt that this is going on, to me it would seem a rather risky strategy. But I'm only a postdoc and not wise in the ways of science politics.

This evening I'm going to take my mind off things for a while and go and have some fun. I'm taking my Mum to see the I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue tour in Buxton. Brilliant.

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