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Long time...

Quite a bit has happened since I last posted an entry here. We've had the huge celebration to celebrate the 50th birthday of the Lovell telescopes (an event which involved using the telescope as a giant cinema screen, lots of lights, lasers and smoke!) which went really well. That was back in October, at the end of a week-long conference we hosted in Manchester looking at the exciting future ahead for radio astronomy. The move of the astronomers to Manchester took place in September, into the Turing building, a brand new office building on the main university campus. The telescope has broken another wheel, several members of staff have retired or left voluntarily as part of the University's attempt to cut down on costs, and our funding council STFC has got into trouble with finances and looks like pulling out of several major projects as well as cutting back on grants to research groups. It's been somewhat eventful.

And me? Well, I've been carrying on trying to get as much work done as possible while looking around for another job, continuing public outreach (including running a whole bunch of public Star Parties which were all sell-outs), writing and recording the news for the Jodcast each month, learning more on the guitar and trying to learn Dutch! Why Dutch? Well, one reason is that I'm visiting JIVE in the Netherlands next week to reduce some data that I've been meaning to look at for ages. People keep telling me that most people speak English there, but that really isn't the point. I like languages and I'm interested, so I'm going to see how far I get with it.

Right now my computer at work is having some problems with one of it's disks (which, frustratingly, I've been trying to make a backup of for a couple of months now, long story), so I'm about to give up on the day (as I can't do a lot) and go home.

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