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Wild weekend

How's this for a campsite?

Camping on the Crinkle Crags
Camping on the Crinkle Crags (Scafell in the background) CREDIT: Megan

The Lake District is one of my favourite parts of the country, but bank holiday weekends are just mad. Far too many people in such a small space! I went up last Friday and decided that camping on an organised site would be no fun, too many people too close together. So I headed to Great Langdale on the bus and walked up onto the Crinkle Crags. The view was spectacular, and my nearest neighbours were about half a kilometre away (yes, there were other people camping up there!). The only sign of civilisation that I could see from my tent was the outline of Sellafield power station as the Sun went down.

On Saturday I got up at sunrise, cleared the site and was on the move for 8am. I got down to Little Langdale by 10am, then headed up to the ridge along to the Old Man of Coniston. I reached the shelter cairn there by about 1pm where it was as busy as ever, largely with people who had walked up the path from Coniston village. After a bit of lunch I headed down into the village and reached the bus stop just in time to catch a bus back to Windermere.

Great way to spend a weekend!

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