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Went canyoning today - was fantastic! There were four of us, plus a guide, so it was a bit more social this time. After a morning abseiling at Narrowneck (with more stunning views of the mountains), one of the others left to get back to Sydney while the rest of us had lunch at Empress Falls before walking down to the river and squeezing into wetsuits. The trip down the canyon was fantastic, it's been forming slowly over 50 million years or so and there are some pretty amazing rock formations. After some scambling, some walking and three jumps into deep pools, we arrived at the waterfall. That was a fun abseil! One of the others on the trip blocked most of the water while I was abseiling, then moved and let it all flood out so I got hit by a deluge halfway down! I had a waterproof camera so there will hopefullly be some pictures eventually... Can't believe people get paid to do this!!!

Posted by Megan on Thursday 22nd Mar 2007 (08:10 UTC) | Add a comment | Permalink


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