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Yesterday I was supposed to go to Birmingham to a Girl Guide challenge day at Thinktank. One of the disadvantages of living out here is having to rely on taxis to get places every now and then. After getting up at 6am (and having been up till 1am the previous night) I was rather annoyed when the taxi didn't show up. Rather than waste the day, I headed over to the office and spent the day working on the archive. There is a stack of video reels in there, most of which look in pretty good condition. We don't have the equipment to play them so all I've done is look at the tape heads and any labels that there might be. Some of them appear to be of the construction of the Mk 1 which is really exciting. These will all go up to the University to be digitised at some point. I can't wait!

I also scanned the Blue Book. It took a while as it had to be done quite carefully, it is over 50 years old after all. There is now a section of the Jodrell archive where you can view the entire thing.

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