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Relativity in sixty seconds

Think you could explain relativity in sixty seconds or less? That was the challenge put forward by Broadcasting House this morning. Two of the Punk Science team came in to the studio and tried to explain Einstein's famous theories in a soundbite, and listeners were invited to send in their attempts, some even tried it in the form of a haiku!

Punk Science consist of a comedian, a street artist, an actor and a drummer based at the Science Museum in London. They do regular shows explaining various aspects of science using comedy, music and live experiments. Their current show is about Einstein (as part of Einstein year) and in December they will be doing a show about aliens. Some of their shows are webcast as well so you can still watch even if you aren't in London.

Tags: relativity | Einstein
Posted by Megan on Sunday 20th Nov 2005 (10:07 UTC) | Add a comment | Permalink


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