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Science and Engineering Careers Fair

Today and tomorrow there is a careers fair at the Sheffield Hallam Arena. When it was first arranged it was a science and engineering event but when I arrived this morning I found that pretty much every exhibitor was either an engineering company or professional body (such as the IMechE or IEE). Us Researchers in Residence are located in a marquee off the main floor of the arena so, apart from the schools who came up to do an activity (building a solar powered car), we didn't get many visitors. I borrowed some amplifiers from the engineering labs so I did have something to show the students, but we just can't compete with the Army and their firing range, climbing wall and "pretend you're a field medic" tent (think "operation" but life-size). Or Titan, very cool. While I've been busy, lots has been happening: Pluto has two more moons (NASA press release), the first student-designed and built satellite, SSETI, has suffered power problem (BBC story), Venus Express has a new launch date (according to the BBC, although there is no mention of it on the ESA website yet), and Eta Carina has a companion... more about this later.

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