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Something silly

It's been a strange weekend. The clocks went back one hour last night and, unlike last year when I had to be up and teaching students on the Sunday morning, I remembered. The weather has been rather uncooperative so I haven't seen much of Mars (my telescope is in a cupboard 20 miles away anyway) but I have started fixing all those problems my computer has had for a while. It now has a working DVD drive so this evening I watched The Dish, one of the greatest films ever. The computer has also had a kernel upgrade so that various niggles have been solved. The stock kernels shipped with most distributions always seem to cause problems, this time the machine has not been powering down properly. After building a new kernel it mostly works, there are just a couple of minor issues with a piece of new hardware left to solve.

Back to astronomy tomorrow... or is it? Depends if you believe the Best of the Web's description of Caltech's Cool Cosmos infrared astrology tutorial!

Posted by Megan on Sunday 30th Oct 2005 (23:28 UTC) | Add a comment | Permalink


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