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The Lovell telescope at sunset
The Lovell telescope at sunset CREDIT: Megan

After many weeks out of action due to painting, general maintenance and repairs to the structure, the Lovell telescope is now fully operational again. For a while now it has been in the same position, looking North at a fairly high elevation, so that a team of engineers could work on one of the wheel girders that run underneath the main bowl. The girder had developed a crack which needed fixing properly before the telescope could go back into full operation.

Yesterday the telescope moved back to the parked position (pointed straight up at the zenith) so that the engineers could change the receiver, and today it went back into pulsar mode, scanning the southern horizon observing pulsars in the plane of the Galaxy. It is nice to see it working again :-) You can find out where the telescope is pointing at any time by looking at the webcam, the JB Live page, Stuart's pointing display or the PovRay models, all are updated frequently.

Posted by Megan on Tuesday 25th Oct 2005 (22:21 UTC) | Add a comment | Permalink


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