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China's new astronauts

At lunchtime today, my group went for a meal in a local pub. When we arrived, BBC News 24 was on the TV so, while everyone else ordered, I watched the launch of China's second manned space flight. The two men, selected from a group of six only days before the launch, will spend five days in orbit aboard their Shenzhou VI capsule, the design of which is based on the Russian Soyuz craft which have been used on many missions to the International Space Station. Oddly, the Chinal National Space Agency don't have any information on the launch, but you can read about it on the BBC or the Xinhua news websites instead. China have big plans: they are planning to build their own space station and land a man on the Moon in the near future. I wonder if they might manage it before the Americans return there...

Posted by Megan on Wednesday 12th Oct 2005 (23:31 UTC) | Add a comment | Permalink


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