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A while back I mentioned a new show on the BBC about an astronomer at a fictional observatory in the Australian outback. Well, last night saw the first episode, and it was awful. I've never found Rob Brydon that funny anyway, and the sheer amount of bad astronomy in Supernova just makes it even worse. How many holes can you spot: when he arrived, Rob Brydon's character brough a new radium lens which they needed in order to photograph the dark matter around a black hole which they had to look at that night before it went out of range. Argh. What with the zooming-in capabilities of the telescope and the desks in the telescope dome, anyone watching this is going to end up with a very strange idea of how observatories work. At least they have adaptive optics, they'll need it sitting in the middle of the desert at sea level, the seeing has got to be pretty bad. Still, it did provide hours of entertainment as Stuart picked holes in it! ;-)

Posted by Megan on Wednesday 12th Oct 2005 (23:03 UTC) | Add a comment | Permalink


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