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Scottish skies

Over the weekend I visited my Dad at the house he and Sar now own in Scotland. It's in a small fishing village on the coast about two hours drive north of Aberdeen, and a long way from the nearest town so the skies are pretty dark. After all the solar activity recently we were hoping for clear skies, but we should have known better, Scotland is not renowned for good weather! With the full Moon the sky looked like dawn for most of the night so there was no chance of seeing anything, even if the cloud had evaporated. Still, it was a nice weekend. I gave my four year old niece a belated birthday present as well. She got a book about the man who entertains the tourists on the Moon, and some glow-in-the-dark stars and planets.  :-) She is very lucky growing up in a place like that. The scenery is amazing up there and, despite the cloud, the sunsets are pretty amazing. If there was an observatory up there, I'd move.

Posted by Megan on Monday 19th Sep 2005 (20:40 UTC) | Add a comment | Permalink


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