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Festival of Science 2005

It has been a busy week for meetings and cenferences. From September 3 - 10 the city of Dublin hosted the 2005 BA Festival of Science. These fesivals have very varied programmes including lectures on a variety of topics, activities, workshops and lectures for the public. This year some of them were broadcast live over the web. One topic at this year's festival was encouraging children to develop an interest in science and technology. There are many initiatives to encourage scientists to communicate with the public in general, but Sir Roland Jackson, the Chief Executive of the BA, has commented that it is important to listen to what issues are important to young people so that we can show them how science and technology is relevant to them. Young people have been involved with the Festival as well: on the Wednesday a group from a local youth theatre created and performed a piece based on various physical theories: the model of the atom, nuclear fission, and state changes from solid to liquid to gas. The BA article on this event syas that the performance was so good, the audience ended up feeling sorry for an atom! Next year the Festival will be in Norwich and the theme will be People, Science and Society.

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