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After spending most of last week helping out with tutorials during this summer school, I only managed to check my email occasionally, and I used a different computer each time. At home I've got used to using the Firefox plugin Sage to catch up on the news and various people's blogs, so last week I actually had to remember urls!  Now I have a little script that sits on the server and checks a list of feeds once an hour. It downloads the xml files, parses them using a handy perl module, and writes the results to a webpage. This should make life easier in future. Wow, the power of perl.

Actually, I'm very impressed with the company that host my site. The module I wanted to use was not installed so I emailed technical support to find out if it could be. Within an hour or so they had installed it, and on a Saturday as well!

Posted by Megan on Saturday 10th Sep 2005 (21:13 UTC) | Add a comment | Permalink


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