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This one doesn't even boot!

My run of luck with computers is continuing. After the battery died on my pda the other day, my new computer (a Shuttle SK43G from Aria) doesn't even start properly! Yesterday I went out and got all the bits and then spent some time carefully assembling it all. When I turned it on, however, there was no signal to the monitor or keyboard. Stuart had a look at it and reseated some of the internal cables, which seemed to solve the problem as the bios screen was now visible. But when I put it all together again the same problem occured. I took everything out, reseated all the cables and the cpu (even tried another cpu), and still nothing. After hunting round on the web for a while it appears that other people have had similar problems with various Shuttle units and it generally seems to be terminal. So it will have to go back to the shop on Wednesday. :-(

Posted by Megan on Sunday 31st Jul 2005 (10:38 UTC) | Add a comment | Permalink


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