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When I arrived at the entrance to the Observatory this morning, I was puzzled to see a queue of cars along the road. It turns out that Estates and Services from the University have turned up to replace the chimney on the plant room next to the visitors centre. As it is quite a tall chimney and could cause quite a lot of damage if it falls over and hits the glass-covered walkway, the visitors centre has had to be closed for the day. It seems that nobody knew they were coming today, and they had previously been told that they couldn't do the work during the opening hours of the visitors centre, but they are here anyway.

This means that all the visitors are being turned away, the cafe is closed and the staff have put together a sandwich trolley for our wing (otherwise it goes to waste and half the staff here go hungry!), staff arriving now are getting very confused as they can't get down the road. What a shambles. Mike, our site manager, is looking very harrassed.

Posted by Megan on Monday 25th Jul 2005 (11:43 UTC) | Add a comment | Permalink


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