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Today we finally had last month's publicity committee meeting (originally cancelled as half the members were out of the country). It is quite daft that a large proportion of the staff (and most of the students) were unaware that there even was a publicity committee! Still, they know now, thanks to a notice board showing the latest press releases from the observatory.

A lot of things were discussed at the meeting, and we've now started planning the next couple of big events. The first will be a partial eclipse of the Sun on 3rd October. In Manchester we will see about 50% coverage, and it occurs in the morning so the visitors centre will be open from 8.30am. Hopefully we will have good weather, although there will have to be other things to do just in case! After that I'm hoping to organise a Go For It! challenge day for local Guide groups as part of the Astronomy and Space GFI that I'm involved with planning.

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