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Who on Earth cares?

Climate change is a big issue, and one that's the subject of some argument here given the PM's mere 5% emissions reduction target which many, many people think is far too low. At "Who On Earth Cares?" (a project from the ACF) there are more than twenty three thousand Australians who have signed up to say they care and want to do something about it. Some of the comments on there are very well written. Here's what I wrote:

Why do you care about climate change?
Because our world is such a beautifully fragile place but as a species we have been slowly destroying its future. Today, we know what damage we are causing and what effects it will have in the long term, both for us and the millions of other species with which we share this fragile biosphere. There is no excuse for doing nothing.

How concerned are you about climate change?
Ifclimate change continues at the rate of even the most conservative predictions, this planet will be a very different place in only a few generations. I do not want to be responsible for that. The current state of the world is a legacy left to us by previous generations, but that does not mean that it is not our responsibility to do something about it if we can. We have the means, but as a species we seem to lack the will.

What do you want Australia to be like in the future?
Australia is a beautiful country. Although it is not my homeland, I'm lucky enough to live and work here and appreciate the amazing wildlife and the diverse habitats which are their homes. Climate change would irreversibly change that landscape. I would like to see Australia take a lead in reducing our impact on the planet for the better, using renewable energies and living sustainable lives so that those habitats are protected.

Here in our new offices we've been complaining that it's too cold since we moved in a few weeks ago, I usually change out of my cycling kit straight into jeans and a jumper when I arrive. Well, some guys from building services came round just now and discovered why - the air conditioning in our area was set to 17 degrees! Ridiculous! So, they've changed it to around 23/24 degrees which is far more sensible. That should make us feel far more comfortable, and dramatically reduce the power consuption in the building, yey!

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