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One careful owner

Well, after reaching over £5,000,000 in bids this afternoon, the listing for the Lovell Telescope (as reported by The Register) has now been removed from eBay. There are more stories and comment pieces appearing every day, including this from the MEN: "Why save Jodrell?". There are three relevant petitions up on the Downing Street website, too. One on "Jodrell funding", one on "radio astronomy" (which both basically say the same thing), and one on general science funding which, personally, I think is the more important of the three. Yes, eMERLIN is under threat, but so are a large number of other no less important important projects. If any of them get cut, it is a great blow to science in this country at a time when politicians keep saying how important it is to encourage kids to take up STEM subjects.

There is now an official statement up on the Jodrell homepage describing the situation and emphasising that no decisions have yet been made, we have to wait for the consultation period to end.

Meanwhile, I've been plodding away trying to analyse a huge dataset which my computer is struggling to cope with. ISIHAC was brilliant last night. Very, very entertaining, as ever. They gave everyone in the audience a kazoo and had us joining in with some of the games. At the end we all joined in with a rendition of "Anything you can do, I can do better", and even Humph joined in with his trumpet - now that's something you don't see every day! Off climbing tomorrow evening, need some exercise.

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