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Other fireball detections

OK, the big fireball picked up by our system at Jodrell (any suggestions for a good name for this thing please?) was also seen by other receivers in the UK. First, David Entwistle saw the same event with his setup located near Preston, and Andy Smith (G7IZU) also picked up this fireball with his receivers. The links take you to their waterfall plots as a comparison with our detection. David Entwistle also saw this one visually and says it was (a very impressive) magnitude -8 event with a visual train that persisted for over a minute. Now, what information can we get from all this? That will have to wait for a few days, there are more urgent things on my mind right now...

Posted by Megan on Thursday 23rd Nov 2006 (11:42 UTC) | Add a comment | Permalink


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