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Yet more sunspot images...

The Sun in H-alpha light 20050914Sunspot group 798/808 H-alpha light 20050914The Sun in H-alpha light 20050914
The Sun in H-alpha light 20050914
The Sun in H-alpha light 20050914 CREDIT: Megan

Today I borrowed a camera and had another go at imaging the Sun. Above you can see the results, click for larger versions. Several prominances are visible around the edges, and some detail is visible in the sunspot complex itself. The camera was a Kodak with 3.1 megapixels compared to my Nikon with 2.1 (which I used to take the previous images), and it also has better zoom capabilities which helps. The levels of all of these images have been adjusted to bring out a bit more detail, but no other fudging of the data has occured. Promise.

Posted by Megan on Wednesday 14th Sep 2005 (21:22 UTC) | Add a comment | Permalink


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